The Pivotal Spirituality Approach to Tourism (A New Revolution in Consolidating Peace and Friendship from the Local to the Global Scale). Mostafa Mazaheri

Document Type: Critical and theoretical research



One of the ways to consolidate peace and friendship despite the remarkable progress of humanity, is tourism and spirituality. Tourism can change the tourists’ worldview and attitude by increasing their knowledge from visiting the landscapes of nature, geographical locations and legacy of the ancients, a change in adherence to the principles and values and the Slavery of the unique god. Being combined with peace and friendship, tourism can create a strong friendship and solidarity in the minds of tourists through recognizing the legacy of the past and the recognition of different nations and religions and different ethnicities and cultures. This solidarity and friendship is very important especially in the current and global era due to the problems of community life such as air pollution, psychological problems, cyber threats, social abnormalities. Given this approach and employing the analytical-descriptive method, this paper seeks to answer the following question: How the tourism-related dimension of spirituality can be able to create peace and stability and to strengthen peace and friendship among different societies from a local to the global scale? The findings of the research indicate that in the event of spirituality overcome in the tourist industry and travel of tourists, all activities of the tourist have the capacity to establish peace and cooperate on all scales. And tourism and spirituality for peace and friendship between nations and cultures are a powerful tool and a good platform.