Analyzing the Relationship between Tourism and Spirituality: Toward a Framework.Abdoreza Roknodin Eftekhari, Manoochehr Jahanian, Mojtaba Javdan, Farzaneh Khooshebast, Elham Vahedi,

Document Type: Critical and theoretical research



Search for and gaining the meaning in life and attaining the perfection had been the primordial motive of human creation. The main reason for manifesting vacuum feelings in human is the crisis of lack of spirituality. Nowadays, human beings are seeking to mean of life and are searching for something more than materiality; because with the modern and advanced technology, the dissatisfaction with life and the sense of daily routine motivates him to discover the cause and the way out of the crisis. Understanding the meaning of life and obtaining satisfaction requires the use of spiritual intelligence and will not be achieved through rational and emotional intelligence solely. In this article, we studied the various dimensions of spiritual intelligence and presented the best model for spiritual intelligence. Then, according to the literature, the impact of tourism on the human was also studied. The results of the content analysis indicate that tourism and travel are effective factors in enhancing the components of spiritual intelligence and, as a result, the promotion of spiritual intelligence, and consequently they will increase the perception of spirituality in life.