Tourism and Escaping Quotidian Interactions; A Philosophical Analysis Based on the Islamic Mystical Vision of Human Nature

Document Type: Original Article


ssistant Professor, Faculty of Theology and Religions, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran



Recreation and entertainment are among the major objectives and intentions of tourism. The reasons put forward by tourists include escaping quotidian life and social interactions. Relying on the Muslim mystics’ view of the real nature of human being, this article offers an analysis of escaping quotidian life and environment in the discovery of real identity and studies the role of traveling in this regard. This analysis showed that from the Muslim mystics’ viewpoint, the real nature of humans is impoverishment and desperate need for a raison d’etre. Meantime, social interactions and affiliation with minor and major social groups overshadow such identity and create obstacles in the way of self-awareness. That explains why the disciples of Islamic Sufism were recommended retreatment. Even today, traveling and tourism provide such an opportunity for humans to distance themselves from the social groups and classes they belong to for some time and gain spiritual experience through a more precise perception of their own reality